Does Commerce Govern Society?

Social justice is not keeping pace with world wide business expansion. As corporations expand globally the world's natural environment and so many of its people are neglected or abused.

The big question: Where is government?

More questions need answers.
Certain foods contain additives that are known to be harmful to life.
Why is the mass marketing of unhealthy products allowed? To kids?

The cutting of trees is draining the life blood of the natural world.
Is allowing the mass mailing of junk advertising crazy or what?

Deception and other sly business tactics are unjust but widely used.
Traps in advertising and contracts are common, costly and mean.
Where are the lawmakers and enforcers?

Over-production and excessive-consumption are destroying the globe.
Why then, all day, every day the constant brainwashing, BUY MORE?

Sub-contracting production to inhumane and child labor is cruel.
Put the CEO's behind bars, or on the production line?

Gambling is addictive causing much personal distress and suicides.
How can a government greedily market lotteries and casinos?

Sport event tickets are exorbitant while players' salaries are astronomical.
Corporations gobble up season tickets, often to be used for mini bribes.
Can't we make this work better for fans and families?

After years of expanding business prosperity the rich-poor gap widens.
Many are destitute or starving. Many accumulate mountains of money.
What is democratic about this?

Working long hours at tough jobs takes from the family and life in general,
Why aren't we in richer societies living easier, simpler and happier?

Advertising is the engine, everywhere, everyday, training young minds.
Is imposing restrictions on useless or harmful advertising undemocratic?

There is so much wrong happening in our commercialized world with the continually declining corporate ethic. There is deceptive marketing, shock advertising, small print, brand bullying, targeting children, bypassing the needy, environmental destruction... And society trends right along with increasing materialism and artificial lifestyles.

Corporate conscience, true government for the people, and social values seem to have crested in recent years. Perhaps meaningful change lies ahead. Perhaps it is time for a rewrite of democracy and free enterprise, with a more just and humane bias.

But with many politicians rated near the bottom of the trust scale, hoping for positive change any time soon does not seem practical. Is it possible to reverse direction and alter the political environment such that politicians are there, not for themselves but solely for the good of the people? Is a grass roots movement in the future?

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