Sellers shrewd, buyers stupid?

Cunning, deception, lies. Business marketing to consumers has taken on some weird aspects that appear pointless or senseless. What's peculiar though, is that some of it must be quite effective as they commonly appear in advertisements and transactions. And worse, the pettiness often crosses the line to crass double-dealing.

Trickery and deceit are some of the marketing annoyances shoppers experience today. Much of it is foolish and laughable, some quite maddening. As old ideas wear out they are being replaced with trickier and fiercer methods to win the consumer. Always creative in new ways to attract a sale, ridiculous to nasty selling techniques are popping up like dandelions.

Selling the consumer in ways gone mindless.

Are they stupid? Do they think we are? Are we shopping stupid?

Consumers mostly don't seem to care about the deception that is generously scattered throughout the shopping environment; it has become part of the scenery. Shoddy products and services, excessive misleading advertising, in-store sales trickery, hidden costs, fine print, credit gouging. It's just the way it is. The use of sly corporate retailing methods will continue to increase as the need for profit is always strong, and as long as we appear complacent and go for the bait.

Funny, annoying or exasperating. Words I've encountered in the shopping world.

FRESH IMPORTED. It was fresh when it was picked and packed.
FRESH BAKED. It was fresh when it was baked and sent by truck.

Return to manufacturer for full refund if unsatisfied.
Shipping is not included, of course.

A Home You Deserve. AFFORDABLE LUXURY. Oxymoronic, foxy expressions.
Minutes from downtown. 60+ minutes. SALE 2br + den $1,392 month. The price?

Your call is important to us, please stay on the line.
If my call is important answer the phone!! Better still don't give me a reason to call. Actually I think they just want me to hang up, not bother calling back, save them some money.

Some conditions apply. My loss will be their gain.

Tag Black and Blue Sale. 40% OFF BRAND XYZ.
Excludes prices ending in .99, 95 and must be purchased using our Charge and Loyalty cards.

Gramma's Own Heart - Home Style Pie.
Contains natural and artificial flavors, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, potassium sorbate (preservative), carame (color),cellulose gum, mono and diglycerides,sodium citrate, palmitate, sulfur dioxide (preservative), mononitrate, propionate (preservative).

One Size Fits ALL. This is just a large size, no big deal.

Impress Your Friends and Neighbors.
Isn't there a cheaper than $40,000 way to be admired?
How about if I just try being a kinder and nicer guy?

Dear valued customer. We have introduced improved changes . . . Oh! Oh!

Your Favorite Channel News Hour.
Commercials, weather, sports, casual fluff and news snippets.
NEWS continues after the break. They use to call them commercials.

The More You Buy the More You Save. Hmmm . . .

Many new features. Easy to use.
Easy for them, they made the stupid thing. Too many features, confusing instructions. The number of bugs in a product is proportionate to the number of useless extras.

Store loss leader. Customer loses when leaving with a cart full of overpriced goods.

Delight in Eden Pure Bottled Water. Pure water is water. H2O.
Super Duper Heavenly Soft Tissue. Roll is almost weightless, cheap and powdery.

$14.95/month for the first 6months. A classic example of stupid shrewd.

Everything Half Priced. Some exceptions apply. Define everything please.
Up to 80% OFF! Never could I find anything useful at anywhere near that discount.
Buy One get One at 1/2 Price. I can only use one so I don't buy any.

NEW COFFEE MAKER. Programmable, start brew functions, built in clock.
Unplug when not in use! Resetting the clock each morning could get very annoying.

No Sugar Added. Ingredients: Sweeteners, fat, salt, enhancers, color, preservatives . . .
Contains No Fat. Label on a jar of pickles yet - ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Contains Real Fruit. Wow! But how much?

WONDER LOTTO Super Sized Maximum Jackpot. Get Rich!
If you need gambling addiction help call this number. 727-763-6382

$1.79/ lb - SPECIAL - $0.96/lb Club Card Price. Get their card or shop elsewhere.

Lowest fares on sale now. Does not include extras. Surcharges per person each way.
Flight Touchdown in Belle Paradise. 'Touch down' + Exchange passengers = 2 hours.

Product of Canada. Farmed in USA. Processed in China. Packaged in Canada.

ROOMS $99.99 Per Person. Per Night.

SPECTACULAR low priced product.
The refills cost more than the product.

Cell Phone $0. Wow!

This could go on, and on, and on, like an annoying commercial and the market place seems to be totally saturated with stuff. But this stupid/shrewd marketing will continue because consumers are taking it, even though they may not like or even detest it.

You may not be a stupid consumer but aren't you treated like one?

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