Greed to Maximize Profit

You too! Can make a career of lying!

Cunning: skill employed in a shrewd or sly manner, as in deceiving; craftiness; guile.
While this is written in 'fun', if you have been stung recently you might not be laughing.

Shrewd ways to maxing business profits. A short summary of sly marketing tips.
  • You do not need good product if you have good marketing.
  • Fibs and lies - to maximize. Beat the competition and the consumer.
  • Repeat an ad til they're sick of it and they will remember.
  • Anything goes to complete a sale except blatant theft if you might be caught.
  • Exaggerate. Never say it just as it is.
  • Hook them early in life when it is easier, effective and permanent.
  • Remember: The customer is always fair game.
  • Public relations access should be non-existent or at least difficult to locate.
  • Be fluent in talking fluff, a necessity for deflecting serious complaints.
  • Print boldly on labels and in advertisements the really good things, even if there aren't any.
  • Do not preview difficult instructions about the product. They can find out later.
  • Sub-contract for lower production costs and to evade responsibility for delivering shoddy products or services, or inhumane labor practices.
  • Do not display unflattering details on the product package unless required by law. If required by law make it difficult to read or understand.
So you can make much money! If you attract, shock, annoy, deceive.

But would your mom be proud of you?

Hopefully these suggestions will not be used as sales success guidelines by anyone anxious to move 'up' quickly in the competitive business world.

These ideas are not far fetched, not in the commercial environment in which I wander with my eyes wide open.

Note to marketers: You may think this picture unfairly misrepresents the business ethic and yourself. Probably it does with you and your area of business, and commerce should not be all painted with the same brush. But I see a trend here that should be reigned in if it is not already too late.

Look at this from the view of the consumer who has just purchased something that is totally unacceptable and is upset at the distasteful, deceptive or annoying manner that was used in selling it. There are associations with standards and these standards need to be followed. Violations and unethical practices of competitors need to be reported. Associations need to enforce their guidelines and improve them where they are lacking so that they will provide a totally honest business to consumer relationship.

Fix your industry or accept that consumers will increasingly consider themselves victims of foul play in their business experiences.

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