Nature, Kids and Family Losing

The world's resources are being used up at an accelerating pace resulting in great waste and massive garbage accumulation. It lies in huge dump sites and is also scattered throughout the globe on land and in seas. It spreads out as a disease, eating away at our natural surroundings.

Much of the globe remains a beautiful, calming and healthy system of natural resources. The enjoyment of this however is no longer easily accessible to many of us, and sadly to today's children who may be missing out altogether. But it is there for so many who have the desire and make the effort. There are simple outdoor activities like hikes in local parks to extended day treks, weekend camping and sports, casual and formal. But it gets more difficult as the social trends back away from nature's fresh and clean outdoor air.

We are being lured down the wrong path with continuing temptations towards lifestyles of eating unhealthy food and avoiding exercise. Negative health effects such as obesity and diabetes have been on a steady increase for many years, brought on by consuming junk food and poor quality packaged products.

There is also the trend to spending free hours indoors, sitting, without fresh air and health building exercise.

It is a serious condition of our times.

Technology is interesting and enjoyable; I know very well having owned a personal computer for 25 years. During an earlier time I found that when I was employed with outside work I would spend considerable after hours inside on my Radio Shack 32K Color Computer. And when working in an office free after hours were spent on home and yard improvements, outdoor sports and gardening.

Good balanced living is so important yet it is not there for much of youth as they arrive home from school and switch on the television or computer, or play video games. Lucky the family where the parents and children get outdoors together and are involved in active sports. With tots, an after dinner walk to the park or to a neighbor's yard for play sets a nice pattern for their future preferences going forward in life. An early introduction to the outdoors, and pastimes like hikes and gardening, will be such a long term benefit to a child in developing a healthful lifestyle. The alternative, with such as the excessive absorption of TV commercials is unfortunate.

Economics has brought about a popular in-the-home lifestyle. It is the result of the always strong business requirement to increase revenue in the home entertainment area, and also with the tremendous advancements in technology. Just as there is greater profit in food containing preservatives, growth hormones and other additives so goes the marketing of widely varied hi-tech gadgets. Much of these latest cool gizmos will be outdated in just a few short years.

There are profits to be made with the promotion of activities that include fresh air and exercise, but this has taken a back seat to the easier and lucrative merchandising of domesticated entertainment.

For so many it isn't easy to change this inactive lifestyle when parent's days are crammed and the kids are surrounded by persuasions and peer influence. It wasn't an issue 70 years ago when there was only radio, cards and board games to play together. Backyards, neighborhoods, parks and playgrounds were busy. And I was there.

The environment has some critical challenges lying ahead but there is still a great and wonderful nature out there that is both healthy and free. Getting children interested in the outdoors with both passive and active activities, starting from when they are first learning to walk, is a lifetime benefit to them. They learn about life from their moms and dads and they will be so thankful.

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