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The Real Big Social Bubble
The corporate world has designed our social standards and in this era of too much, we are going to pay the maximum price one way or another.

Business in Bad Faith 
Clever and deceitful techniques flourish in the market place with new ones appearing regularly. Double-dealing is a creative booming business.

Ideas That Can Make Life So Good 
Life Happiness Tips self-esteem, worry, fear, stress, confidence, anger, problems, relaxation, values, guilt..

Greed and Credit
The credit market business is a great big fat, heavily marketed mean money making machine. 

2061 What a Wonderful Year
50 years ago they were so devoted to consuming and wasting. We are so grateful to those who demanded social improvement and a redesign of democracy for the people. 
Materialism and Happiness
Protect yourself against affluenza, it is contagious. Many of us in richer countries are edging past the material-happiness threshold and are not all that happy.

77 and Wondering About Life and Society
 Birthday boy muses on social ills, consumerism and values, happiness and the good life. 

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Stress Tips for Stressful Times
Serious about reducing stress? Then read and learn about stress, just as you would study and become knowledgeable on any art, sport or trade that you wish to master

Democracy for SALE
The corporate-citizen, persuade-consume routine has ballooned unabated, and uncontrolled.

From Bank to Credit Union
Credit unions exist to serve members, not to pay high dividends to share holders.

Our Precious Natural Environment
It is so important that we all pay attention to what is happening.

Consumer Complaints vs Customer Service
Gooey replies to bad product and service complaints can be totally frustrating, "the advertisement meets all legal requirements... subject to industry standards..."

Corporate and Consumer Greed  
"Greed is not good." It is not good for the victim of a greedy transaction. Nor is it good to be greedy if over years it returns distrust, anger and personal value lost.

Obesity and Starvation
Will these generations be remembered for the times when thousands of people died daily from malnutrition and hunger - while so many others lived shortened unhealthy lives - from obesity?

The Work-Family Life Balance

With all the advances made in production, technology and commerce we should be very happy; not overworked, anxious and stressed with daily routines.

20 Top Life Happiness Quotations
Best self-help quotations dealing with stress, anger, worry, fear....
Positive tips on living healthfully, confidently, happily, and peacefully..

Over sized Homes Costly and Wasteful 

The wasteful production and consumption of over sized houses, cars, meals, services... have created over sized headaches for society and the world.

TV Addiction Wasteful and Harmful 

Television today is an overbearing medium for the corporate promotion of products and services.

Bullying Information Ideas and Resources
Advice and help is available for victims of bullies. Resources on this serious topic are listed.

Cars, Commerce, Consumption
This bigger, pricier strategy is not new. In the dealer showroom way back in the 50's I had my mind set on a certain economy model but I was continually steered away.

A Simple Happy Life in a Just and Sensible Society
At some time in the future the world's bloated affluent societies will be much simpler and more enjoyable.

Kids, Home and Nature
The lifestyles of families and children are changing as exercise and activities in the fresh outdoors air decline.
 The Great Advertising Bubble
Advertising is everywhere. In print, on TV, spam and junk mail, telephone marketing, product labels, sport venues, and our valuable public spaces.

Sellers are Shrewd. Are Buyers Stupid?
Shoddy products and services, excessive misleading advertising, sales trickery, hidden costs, fine print, credit gouging.You're not a stupid consumer but are you treated like one?

TV Commercials Excessive, Intrusive, Annoying
How much advertising can be put into programming until viewers will no longer watch? Lots it seems as ad length, frequency and intensity increase yearly.

Gambling is a Sick and Greedy Government Tax
Why do elected representatives actively promote gambling when it can be so addictive and destroy lives? They want that revenue! - For their citizens?

Does Commerce Govern Society?
Social justice is not keeping pace with world wide business expansion. As corporations expand globally the world's natural environment and so many of its people are neglected or abused.

Managing Fear, Worry and Stress
Seems like unhappy and anxious times for many today as they angrily honk their horns, gulp down pills, and ram my shopping cart without comment.

Poor, Hungry and Hopeless
Sickness and starvation in a world of wild consumption and great waste is a shameful blot on this rich era in history.

Ads, Contracts and Fine Print
"Accepts no responsibility... Terms are for one year after... Use of this product is entirely... Warranty does not include... Valid only with the activation of... Company reserves the right..."

Selling Bad Health to Kids
Marketing cheap unhealthy junk food to kids is another blight on our prosperous society. It does not make sense. Where is government?

Recycle Questions Need Answers
Recycling efforts of local jurisdictions or businesses can be well below what is required to adequately deal with today's environmental destruction.

Life: Stressful or Simple Happy
How do your days pass? Are they mostly lacking fun and buzzing with just too much to do? Are they filled with upsetting problems or simply wasted?

Shopping Traps and Scams
Consumer tips to watch for. Avoid scams, rip-offs and costly bad purchases. Where has the corporate ethic gone?

Consumption vs Environment  
Consumption: damage, destruction, exhaustion, loss, ruin, waste. Interesting, synonyms for today's popular social occupation of consuming.

Product Quality Disappointing
Shortened life, bad design, high price - low quality, useless features. Inferior products and services are not a rarity in the marketplace today.

Nature, Kids and Family Losing
There is a healthy, free wonderful nature out there. Getting children interested in the outdoors when they take their first steps is a lifetime benefit to them.

Advertising Ethics, Truth and Lies
Lies: false statements intended to deceive; untruths; falsehoods. Consumers beware the words of advertising.

Consumer: Corporate Enemy?
Deceptive ads, sly contracts, unhealthy food marketing, disinformation campaigns, fine print, bad service, switch and bait selling, price gouging, marketing to children!

Store Shopping: Feels Like Theft
Lots of new retail scams popping up. "Our computer must not have been updated." Check that receipt printout for the sale price. 

Relax: Reduce Stress and Anxiety
Depending on your personal situation it may not be all that easy to have a calm day, and a restless night too often lies ahead. But this can be made better.

The Great Advertising Bubble
is everywhere, steering society along the road to a massive garbage dump, and we are paying for this with money and with true life values.

Buying a home: Tips and Traps
Slick ads and fast talk can give the wrong impression about the quality, features and value of that home for sale.

Money, Values and Happiness
It's a hectic routine; after each acquisition sights are set on the next new or better thing to own. And consuming anxiety continues and the need for more money.

Branding Children for Profit
If children are allowed to be brainwashed in any way it should be towards living a healthier and happier life.

Corporate Controlled Media
We get biased reports, excessive advertising and what ever business chooses to dish out. Public broadcasting is so much more useful but lacks the corporate funding.

Worry, Anxiety and Fear Tips
Worry can weaken and sicken us, and turn our days into nightmares if left unchecked

Social Bullying is Big Business
Marketing can be cunning, often convincing us that life will not be OK, unless we buy their product and be 'accepted' by others.

Live and Learn Like Kids
Children know how to apply determination to do what they want to do, like a baby learning to walk. They know how to laugh and have fun...

Greed Maximizes Profit
Marketers can make much more money if they shock, annoy, lie; but would their moms be proud of them?

Bad News Media's Good Stories
The NEWS carries shock for attraction while uplifting stories are few. Here is one inspiring story about acquiring true riches to help others.

Simple Living Neighborhoods
Intentional communities include cohousing communities, residential land trusts, ecovillages, communes, housing cooperatives....

Children, Life and Happiness
Example ideas and little positive gems that can be collected for pleasant travels into a positive future.

Deceptive Food Labels
If you care about your family's health analyze what's written on the label.

Noise Pollution and Health
"There is however, a true music of nature - the song of the birds, the whisper of leaves, the ripple of waters upon a sandy shore, the wail of wind or sea." - John Lubbock

Social Improvement Movement
There is a growing concern regarding the polarized relationships of business-consumer, wealthy-poor, and an increasing commercial bias by governments.

Retail Store Scams
The greedy and hostile treatment of the 'dear valued' customer trends downward.

Food Labels-Ingredients-Additives
Reading food product labels is a must if you are interested in your and your family's health.

Sleepless Society
Solutions that have worked well for grampa with resources.

The Declining Business Ethic
How widespread are questionable or unethical business practices? Very!

Consumer Tips to Save Money
Tips and resources on frugal living, fraud, supermarket shopping, credit and charge cards.

Public Relations Mouthpiece
When discussing a consumer complaint be prepared for a lot of hot air.

Brainwashed Generations
Profit hungry enterprise has targeted kids to keep the ball rolling.

Rich-Poor Gap Very Wide
Unacceptable and inhumane but will our enterprising society take serious action?

TV and Media Fluff Your Local News with accidents, fires, crimes, weather and many commercials

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