Stress Tips for Stressful Times

Mental stress: worry, anger, fear and such have become a condition of life for so many in our quickened society, and has increased significantly in recent years.

Anguish may be tormenting us in these worrisome times even though we may have significant personal income and material possessions. In some instances it can be so serious that we cannot function properly from day to day, leaving us with the feeling of worthlessness or utter despair. In spite of what we may have obtained.

Medical help might be required, which should always be a consideration with all physical and mind related problems. Often there is also the prospect of some useful type of made to measure self-help. By learning what the experts and others have to offer on the subject of stress free living and by reviewing our habits and lifestyles we might set a new course through smooth and scenic waters.

If troubled you are not alone; stress is all around now and quite likely always has been in earlier times, to various degrees. William James' observation around the late 1800s; "The American over-tension and jerkiness and breathlessness and intensity and agony of expression are primarily social, and only secondarily physiological, phenomena. They are bad habits, nothing more or less, bred of custom or example, born of imitation of bad models and the cultivation of false personal ideals."

So this sorry business of anxiety and tension has been going on for quite a long time and is very 'popular' here and now! Well others have found ways to remove this, perhaps partially self-infected scourge, and begin to live happily and successfully. And so should you if need be.

Why not make some immediate observations about your thinking and your lifestyle and prepare a plan for the days ahead. While there is no magic wand to make feelings of despair immediately vanish into thin air there are ways of dealing with them that could gradually lessen and eventually make them a non issue.

We should be able to provide ourselves with some immediate and long term relief from the burdens we carry today. Some of the troubles you are facing now should be fixable, partly or altogether. Those that cannot be resolved can be filed in a vault and buried deeply, unreachable and never to be seen again.

Perceptions that William James has made are fairly certain; change your thoughts from gloom to cheerfulness and the feelings must follow. How should it be any other way?

For instance, for relief from those troubled thoughts you can often visualize your way out by picturing yourself in a very calm, peaceful, serene setting, in complete easy control. It can be real or creative but picture it clearly and hold on to it. Use your imagination in other ways to help siphon off tensions. For example, when in the shower let all your worries, stresses, anxieties, run down the drain with the soapy water. But start to replace those troubled mental images immediately as they occur - with something pleasant - and keep it going.

When you start to feel stress coming on, immediately start relaxing your whole body; neck, arms, legs... Go limp; it is very difficult to act tense if your muscles are loose.

Fill your mind with thoughts of tranquility, confidence, strength, happiness. Repeat these and other calming words to yourself now and again, over and over until they saturate your thoughts.

Generally, to improve upon a stressful way of life you can reassess your values and routines. Consider eliminating some of those material things and related actions which are not necessary to a peaceful lifestyle. Slow down.

Take notice of, and enjoy your surroundings through the day. Look at, listen to, smell the natural surroundings; the birds, trees, clouds... Spend more time thinking about the good and pleasant things in your life, like family and friends, pets, garden, jokes, photos... Create a list.

Make a determined effort to please someone. Offer help, listen, agree, smile. This is much easier than trying to impress others and the good vibes will flow and ebb. Thinking of and interacting with others, can be very soothing on the nerves, particularly if you expect no credits. Friends are powerful allies in your efforts to eliminate anxiety and they are such a valuable asset to accumulate for the journey ahead.

"But if the while I think on thee, dear friend, all losses are restored and sorrows end." - William Shakespeare

If you are serious about reducing your stress then read and learn about stress, just as you would study and become knowledgeable on any art, sport or trade that you wish to master। Just starting such a program will be very encouraging at the start, but don't just leave it at that - make it part of your personal knowledge base for living.
Sept 2011
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