Select Home Energy Saving Tips

The notion is becoming very popular as the new President of the United States brings energy to the top of his agenda. Saving energy is extremely important to save the environment and to ensure a sound economic future.

And it gets personal - it can save a lot of money.

Confused with pages of tips scattered all over the web, mostly with short outlines with a few good ideas? Looking for a more comprehensive and detailed list of energy saving ideas?

There are some websites with great lists of suggestions on how to save energy, resources and your hard earned money. Here are a few good sources with nice specifics for saving energy at home.

Natural Resources Canada has a great list with explanations.
Tips on Saving Energy in Your Home includes Caulking, Lighting, Plumbing, Ceiling fans, Landscaping, Weather stripping, Storm doors, Appliances, and Miscellaneous. A good place to start!

Another great source is
The Co-op America Quarterly Summer 2008: Efficiency First
Level 1: Simple Things You Can Do Today. Save up to 33 percent of your energy use!
Level 2: A Little More Time, A Lot More Savings. Save up to 56 percent of your energy use!
Level 3: Bigger Changes, Better Paybacks. Save up to 66 percent of your energy use!

MasterYourCard's 101 Ways to Go Green and Save Money also has a long list of green ways to save in and outside the home.

We must all get involved for a better world, and save ourselves a lot of money while we're at it. This is just too important not to learn and do.