Junk Food, Obesity, Kids

It's been both puzzling and upsetting for many years to see ads, logos and fun attractions used to entice children into wanting and consuming unhealthy junk food. Through heavy and shrewd marketing it spreads throughout the world. For profit.

What will a generation yet unborn say about society at our time in history, about this and other negatives programmed into the public at large?

Will corporate managers, governments, or the public shoulder most of the blame for doing this to kids?

While people have a choice and make the final decision to purchase and consume a food that might be harmful, there has been too much persuasion to do so. The methods used have been varied, clever and intensive, and so much of it unethical. It appears business has been allowed to use exaggerated or misleading statements, omissions of important facts and always-in-your-face marketing to old and young alike.

The three fast or packaged food ingredients of salt, sugar and fat are generally known to be unhealthy in excessive amounts. But they are good tasting and profitable. Preservatives and taste enhancing additives are also widely used today and have raised many concerns about overuse.