Grampa's Timely Tips

Grampa offers some of his ideas on living
in this fast paced commercialized society.

Plucked from his personal diary of thoughts . . .

I may not go down in history
But I will go down, eventually!
So weep or chuckle.
Or scoff, s
ee if I care.


  • #1 Shopping tip: Buy where they will cheat you the least.
  • Advertising can sell junk as needs, garbage as food.
  • Creativity is difference. Difference is not creativity.
  • Democracy - Yes! Free enterprise - not this way!
  • FASHION - Unneeded. FAMINE - Unacceptable.
  • Foxymoron: A store's loss leader is your loss when you leave with a bundle of overpriced goods.
  • How much more would you have if you didn't buy things which you later wish you hadn't bought?
  • I coulda lived longer and stronger but for the bad food.
  • If acting cool were replaced with acts of kindness wouldn't it be a better world?
  • If my call is important to you - answer the stupid phone!
  • Instead of driving your SUV to the gym for a workout just jog there and back.
  • Marketing 5 Step Strategy: Attract. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
  • Marketing kids - shaping society. Fix this now!
  • My antidepressant: Accept myself as I am. Accept others as they are.
  • My two favorites on TV are MUTE and OFF.
  • Outlaw excessive and deceptive advertising for social healing.
  • Excessive profit and over-consumption: 2 fast lanes on the freeway to social rot.
  • Relax, smile. Take awhile.
  • Styles promote a competitive environment but friendship grows easier in a noncompetitive environment.
  • Take a break and meditate.
  • The only sure thing about this week is Saturday night it will be gone.
  • The trouble with our economic system is that marketing ingenuity often beats product ingenuity.
  • There's much to fear - but only if we allow it.
  • There are two kinds of sorry: Sorry I did wrong. Sorry I got caught.
  • We are how we have allowed ourselves to be programmed.
  • What not to do is sit and stew.
  • C'mon government, get interested in people so people can get interested government!

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